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Brooklyn, NY, US
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As a courtesy, we ask for 24 hours notice on all cancelled appointments.

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Monday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
Tuesday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
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Rules and Regulations for Clients:

We offer FREE consultations, keep in mind that some services have to be evaluated BEFORE quoting a PRICE. Clients may be asked to come in before giving a price. Here at THE EXPERIENCE UNISEX SALON we care about Haircare. We much rather take a look at your hair so we can quote the proper price. Also as the client , you travel for the price However, we are giving you FREE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. All stylist are independent contractors if you prefer to use credit cards, Please check with Hairstylist first… The barbers currently Do Not accept credit cards.
Pay when the service is rendered. Your stylist is providing you with a service, so it is only fair that you pay them once that service is completed. Don’t say “I need to go to the bank and I’ll be back.” If you know you have an appointment, be prepared to pay at the end of your appointment. If you are a new client, ask your stylist in advance, what the price of the service will be and bring extra in case you decide to add additional services while you are there.

Respect the Salon. Don’t bring meals to eat while you’re in the stylist’s chair. We do allow you to eat, however clean up your mess. Don’t talk on your cell phone while your stylist is cutting, shampooing or styling your hair; you could be putting them or yourself in danger, and be making it difficult for them to properly do their job. If you need to charge an electronic device, ask your stylist or the salon owner if they mind, don’t just assume you can use an empty plug!
DO NOT STAND in front of the Mirror while the stylist is servicing another client. Blocking the other client’s view.

we prefer that you DO NOT bring your kids if they’re NOT being serviced. It is not a safe Environment for children. If you have to bring your child PLEASE call stylist AHEAD of time to let them know. Bring things to keep your child occupied. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD RUN WILD, We have the RIGHT to ask you to leave. The stylist job is to pay attention to the service being given. A CHILD/CHILDREN can be a distraction for the client and the stylist.
If you bring a baby, and you need to change their diaper please do so in the Bathroom then empty the diaper in the TRASH outside of the salon.

Be Realistic. No matter what you’ve seen on your stylist’s Instagram page, he/she is not a magician. You can’t come in with thin, damaged hair and then show her a picture of someone with thick, healthy locks and expect them to achieve that look on you. Show her pictures of styles you find attractive, and ask her professional opinion of what she can accomplish with your hair.