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Erik “The Barber” Ryan


The story begins at the early age of 13. I was coming up in the toddler era of hip hop. The beginning of the cocaine crack era. My family had just lost a relative to drugs, and at the age when you choose you own path in the ghetto. Clippers, combs, fades, parts and designs kept me off the streets and out of prison. with the pair of home clippers, my mother had laying around the house, my career began. A friend at the time asked me to give him a simple part, one line in his hair. then another friend offered me 2 dollars to cut his hair. That was it. I was sold. I wanted to be the greatest barber who ever lived.

This began my quest for greatness. After cutting hair for over a year with one clipper, and charging 2 dollars, I eventually raised my price to 3 dollars. I brought some professional grade clippers and equipment. I used to go to the Barber shop and salon and while waiting I would pick up tricks of the trade. When I was 16 years old I went to get my hair cut, and found out the salon was looking for Barbers. I inquired about the position and got it. My first salon job wasn’t easy. I had to pay alot of dues no one was going to let me become one of the nicest barbers without paying those dues. That was 22 years ago. Little did I know, I was playing a direct part in building a resume becoming Erik “The Barber” for celebrities.

I worked at my 1st salon for five years. at the time of my departure, I was the veteran barber and had acquired enough skills to be considered a stylist. Not to mention I took some cosmotology classes in high school. Since working in Rae’s Beauty n Barber Unisex salon, I’ve went on to work in some of the most trend setting salons in Brooklyn, New York. I have had the pleasure and honor to work with A list celebrities from Music, Fashion, and Media. I recently ended my run at “Skillz” salon in Brooklyn, another benchmark establishment.At Skillz, I broadened my depth of knowledge in both the business and creative aspects of the hair industry.

Presently, I am moving forward into the future with “The Experience Unisex Salon”. One of the owners is my sister, together with her partner, they have created an atmosphere where Barbers and Stylist thrive. This is a place where excellence is promoted and details are paid attention. Oh Yea, I am one of the best to ever touch a clipper in all my humbleness. My direction from here is to open my own salon and continue to spear head new trends using a comb and innovative techniques. I’ve managed my life and the lives of people directly attached to me. I also have a degree in fashion, which only adds to my abilities. This gives me insight in styling my clients for a lifestyle. I am determined to be limitless and also on a quest to perfect my craft.

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